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Information on impact drills from Bosch

Our impact drills range from 600 W motor power (the GSB 13 RE to 1500 W motor power (the GSB 162-2 RE). The compact design of the GSB 13 RE and GSB 16 RE makes it easy to use these tools in difficult work positions. Meanwhile, thanks to their higher motor power (1100 W, 1300 W and 1500 W) and two-speed gearing, you can use the GSB 21-2 RCT, GSB 24-2 and GSB 162-2 RE impact drills for larger drilling diameters without any difficulty.

Our range also offers a large selection of cordless combi drills for mobile use at jobsites, from 12 V to 36 V.

We also provide the optional GDE 16 Cyl dust extraction system, which ensures a dust-free working environment. When connected to a dust extractor, you can use this extraction option to directly extract dust while drilling. If you do not want to use an additional dust extractor, the right option for you is the GSB 19-2 REA. Its integrated dust extraction system allows you to effortlessly collect the dust directly while drilling, without the need for a dust extractor.

All of the impact drills and cordless combi drills are suitable for drilling in masonry, stone and tiles. We offer suitable drill bits in our range of accessories for each of these building materials.

Our GSB 24-2 impact drill and our GSB 18V-60 C, GSB 18V-110 C, GSB 18V-150 C and GSB 36 VE-2-LI cordless combi drills are equipped with KickBack Control. This function ensures that the tool will switch off if the drill bit jams or is blocked in any other way.

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