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Information on den wet/dry extractors from Bosch

Our range offers a wide variety of different tools. This includes corded wet/dry extractors with a container volume of 20 l, 25 l, 35 l or 55 l, as well as cordless dust extractors in the 12 V and 18 V classes. The maximum container volume of the cordless dust extractors is 10 l,which makes them perfect for mobile use at construction sites. The GAS 12V and GAS 18V-1 cordless dust extractors are particularly convenient for this type of work.

In addition to the various container volumes, we also offer wet/dry extractors for the different dust categories. Our class L dust extractors are suitable for basic, harmless dust. You should use class M dust extractors for wood dust, as well as dust generated from roughcast, filler, varnish, gypsum, cement and concrete. Finally, you can use our H-class dust extractors wherever there is carcinogenic and pathogenic dust. Please make sure that you follow the currently applicable regulations for the dust classes.

Our wet/dry extractors also have their own useful functions to make your work easier. Almost all of the models have a plug socket and come with remote automatic switching. This means that the dust extractor starts up as soon as you switch on the connected tool. The GAS 35 L AFC, GAS 35 M AFC, GAS 35 H AFC and GAS 55 M AFC models are also equipped with automatic filter cleaning (AFC). The AFC function cleans the main filter at set intervals, allowing you to continue working without interruption.

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