Wet/dry extractors

GAS 35 H AFC Professional

Wet/Dry Extractor

H-Class dust extractor for wet/dry hazardous dust applications with automatic filter cleaning

  • H-class certified for carcinogenic and pathogenic dust, increasing user protection
  • Automatic filter cleaning mechanism for constant working
  • Flow control monitoring constant air flow through the suction cup, including an acoustic warning signal

Functions & key features

Most comfortable and easy filter cleaning thanks to automatic filter cleaning (every 15 sec) while having constant suction power for continuous work progress
Click & Clean System – 3 great benefits A clear view of the work surface: You work more precisely and faster
Harmful dust is extracted immediately: Protects your health
Less dust: Longer lifetime of tool and accessories

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GAS 35 H AFC Professional

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with hose

Order number: 0 601 9C3 640

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Included in this variant

  • 1 x safety filter bag (available separately as set of 5: 2 607 432 050)
  • 1 x flat-pleated filter H-class (HEPA), PTFE
    Order number: 2 607 432 052
  • 5 m hose, 35 mm diameter, antistatic, with power tool adapter
    Order number: 2 608 000 566
  • 3 x 0.35 m chrome-plated suction tube, 35 mm diameter
    Order number: 2 608 000 575
  • Floor nozzle set, 35 mm diameter
    Order number: 1 609 390 478
  • Crevice nozzle, 35 mm diameter
    Order number: 2 607 000 165
  • 1 x PE disposable bag (available separately as set of 10: 2 607 432 051)
  • Elbow
    Order number: 2 608 000 573
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Technical data

The most important data

Rated input power 1,200 W
Weight* 12.4 kg
Container volume, gross 35 l
Container volume, net 23 l
Container volume, net, water 19.2 l
Dust class of wet/dry extractor H
Dust class H
Filter surface area 5,000 cm²
Max. airflow rate (turbine) 74 l/s
Max. vacuum pressure (turbine) 254 mbar
Wheels, number 4
Packaging dimensions (width x length x height) 385 x 590 x 730 mm
Plug Type Type I

* You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products

GAS 35 H AFC Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The GAS 35 H AFC Professional is the high-performance wet/dry dust extractor enabling better user protection. Its safety filter traps 99.995% of health-endangering dusts. The certification for H-class dust further increases the level of health protection against carcinogenic and pathogenic dust as well as organic material (e.g., mould) and container construction material (e.g.,glass fibre). Its automatic filter cleaning mechanism prevents interruptions for constant working. A volume flow control monitors the constant air flow through the suction cup and gives an acoustic warning signal if the air flow is too low.

Equipment & Application

The GAS 35 H AFC Professional is certified for H-class dust, such as carcinogenic and pathogenic dusts. The L-BOXX can be clicked onto the wet/dry dust extractor for easy transport. All Bosch Power Tools with the Click & Clean System can be connected directly to the GAS 35 H AFC Professional without an adapter.

Additional Information

The 1,380 W suction turbine with 254 mbars (millibar) vacuum pressure delivers good extraction results. The wet/dry dust extractor is equipped with antistatic features for the reduction of electrostatic charge.

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