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Information on drills from Bosch

Our range starts with the small and convenient GBM 6 RE drill with 350 W motor power and goes up to the GBM 23-2 E drill which generates 1150 W motor power. A large number of drills are also equipped with two gears such that there are different speed ranges for drilling according to the material.

Our small and convenient single gear drills (GBM 6 RE and GBM 10 RE) are specially designed for drilling in hard-to-reach areas. Our high-performance drills, the GBM 16-2 RE and GBM 23-2 E, are ideal for large drilling diameters in wood and metal. The GBM 13-2 RE drill is our all-rounder. In particular, the version with a precision chuck is perfect for every type of metal drilling.

You can clamp our drills, which have a 43 mm spindle collar diameter into any commercially available drill stand without any difficulty.