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Information on straight grinders from Bosch

Bosch offers corded straight grinders for benchtop use in workshops with collets of up to 10 mm in diameter. In addition, some of the tools are equipped with variable speed. The straight grinders also have different designs and can be particularly compact and short, or have a long neck for hard-to-reach areas.

We also offer cordless straight grinders for mobile use on construction sites in two different designs. Some of these tools are adjustable.

The compressed air straight grinders have a constant speed but are also available in different designs.

For increased user protection, many of the tools are equipped with KickBack Control or a dead-man switch (PROtection switch).

Bosch offers straight grinders with very high torque at a low speed specifically for machining stainless steel. This means that any tarnishing of the stainless steel during machining is significantly minimised.

* You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products