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Information on orbital sanders from Bosch

Bosch offers orbital sanders for many different applications. This range includes cordless orbital sanders, single-handed orbital sanders or orbital sanders with a triangular sanding plate.

For most tools, the sanding paper is attached using a hook-and-loop fastening. However, for some models, sanding paper can also be used without a hook-and-loop fastening. In these cases, the sanding paper is attached using an integrated clamping mechanism. In addition, all of the sanders have a dust extraction port, which ensures a clean working environment. Most models also include a dust box in the scope of delivery.

Bosch orbital sanders can be used in many applications, such as:

  • Fine sanding of wood
  • Grinding metal and plastics
  • Sanding work in drywall construction

The ergonomic design of our tools is a particular advantage. Many of the orbital sanders can be operated single-handedly without any difficulty. The GSS 18V-10 cordless orbital sander is particularly recommended for these types of difficult applications.

Unlike random orbit sanders, orbital sanders have a lower material removal rate, which is why they are particularly suited for final sanding. Their rectangular base plates also enable you to sand into every corner.

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