Large angle grinders
GWS 27-230 PR
GWS 27-230 PR
GWS 27-230 PR
GWS 27-230 PR
GWS 27-230 PR
GWS 27-230 PR
GWS 27-230 PR

GWS 27-230 PR Professional

Angle Grinder

Powerful 2,700 W angle grinder with convenient rotatable main handle for tough jobs

  • Powerful and efficient with 2,700 W motor
  • Comfortable and convenient to use with ergonomic grip and 90° rotation function
  • Increased user protection due to KickBack Control, Vibration Control and PROtection switch

Functions & key features

 Comfortable working thanks to low vibration by adding rubber mounting/foam padding to the handles
 Improves ergonomics and convenience with the 90° rotation function of the main handle; especially in cutting applications.
Outstanding user protection The protection switch instantly switches the machine off when it is released
Prevents autonomous restart of the tool after power blackout. Only through new, conscious activation will the tool be ready to use
Comfortable handling of the tool thanks to softgrip

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  • in cardboard box with auxiliary handle
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in cardboard box with auxiliary handle 0 601 8C7 140

GWS 27-230 PR Professional

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GWS 27-230 PR


in cardboard box with auxiliary handle

Order number: 0 601 8C7 140

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Included in this variant

  • Vibration Control auxiliary handle
    Order number: 2 608 900 000
  • Backing flange
    Order number: 1 605 703 099
  • Clamping nut
    Order number: 9 601 063 302
  • Cardboard box
  • Locking nut
    Order number: 1 603 340 040
  • Clamping flange
    Order number: 9 601 065 704
  • Two-hole spanner
    Order number: 1 607 950 048
  • Quick adjustment protective guard
    Order number: 2 605 510 281
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Technical data

The most important data

Rated input power 2,700 W
No-load speed* 5,200 – 6,500 rpm
Power output* 2,700 W
Grinding spindle thread M14
Main handle D-Handle
Disc diameter 230 mm
Wire cup brush, diameter 100 mm
Cup wheel, diameter 110 mm
Bore size, diameter 22.23 mm
Weight* 6.3 kg
Switch PROtection Switch
Packaging dimensions (width x length x height) 193 x 607 x 113 mm
Voltage, electrical 240 V
Voltage range 220 – 240 V
Speed output no-load, nominal max. 6,500 rpm
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GWS 27-230 PR

* You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products

GWS 27-230 PR Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

Finding an angle grinder with high performance that is comfortable and easy to use can be a challenge. The GWS 27-230 PR’s superior power gets tough jobs done faster. Its powerful 2,700W motor boosts efficiency by removing more material in less time. Convenient to handle, you can rotate the grinder's main handle by 90° at the flick of a switch. So you get the perfect grip – whether you’re grinding or cutting. The interlock function ensures that the tool cannot start until the main handle is fully rotated by 90° and locked-in with a "click". In addition, the GWS 27-230 PR comes with KickBack Control, PROtection switch and Vibration Control.

Equipment & Application

The GWS 27-230 PR is your go-to tool for grinding and cutting metal, stone and tiles. It offers restart protection, has a soft start and a convenient keyless guard for grinding applications. Compatible with the GDE 230 FC-T Professional dust attachment.

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