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GDS 18V-1050 HC Professional

Cordless Impact Wrench

GDS 18V-1050 HC
GDS 18V-1050 HC
GDS 18V-1050 HC

Full power at its best: high-torque 3/4" cordless impact wrench with BITURBO Brushless technology and adjustable modes

  • BITURBO Brushless technology for powerful tightening and breakaway torque of 1,050 Nm and 1,700 Nm
  • User interface with two default modes, metal (A) and wood (B). Further modes can be adjusted and individualised via the Toolbox App
  • Three speed/torque settings for high versatility and controlled power

Functions & key features

 Bit insertion square, bit holder, external square
 Higher work efficiency through adjustable modes

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GDS 18V-1050 HC Professional

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GDS 18V-1050 HC
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Professional 18V System.
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Technical data

The most important data

Torque adjustment range, min./max., 1st level 0/350 Nm
Torque adjustment range, min./max., 2nd level 0/650 Nm
Torque adjustment range, min./max., 3rd level 0/1050 Nm
No-load speed* 0-1,700 rpm
No-load speed (1st level)* 0-800 rpm
No-load speed (2nd level)* 0-1,300 rpm
No-load speed (3rd level)* 0-1,750 rpm
Torque settings 3
Weight excl. battery* 2.9 kg
Torque, max.* 1,050 Nm
Impact rate 0-2,600 bpm
Impact rate (1st level)* 0-1,600 bpm
Impact rate (2nd level)* 0-2,300 bpm
Impact rate (3rd level)* 0-2,600 bpm
Battery voltage 18.0 V
Tool holder 3/4'' Square
Breakaway torque, max. 1,700 Nm
Packaging dimensions (width x length x height) 269 x 291 x 109 mm
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GDS 18V-1050 HC

* You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products

GDS 18V-1050 HC Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

For tough, full-power application, the GDS 18V-1050 HC Professional impact wrench with BITURBO Brushless technology delivers a high-level performance and adjustable mode control. Built-in BITURBO Brushless technology is fully optimised for ProCORE18V batteries, providing a strong 1,050 Nm tightening and 1,700 Nm breakaway torque. High versatility is provided by two default modes on the user interface, metal mode (A) and wood mode (B), preventing broken screwheads and the loss of metal bolts or nuts, by slowing down or shutting off the impact wrench. All modes are quickly customised via the Bosch Toolbox App. Three different speed/torque settings ensure higher flexibility and control.

Equipment & Application

The GDS 18V-1050 HC Professional is the full-power impact wrench for tightening and removing metal bolts and nuts up to M 24 on a variety of jobs like structural steel construction, pipe fitting, vehicle maintenance, or when using screws/lag bolts in wood construction. It is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System) for maximum power use ProCORE18V ≥ 5.5 Ah. Also compatible with AMPShare, the multi-brand battery alliance.

Additional Information

The GDS 18V-1050 HC Professional is equipped with Electronic Cell Protection (ECP), Electronic Motor Protection (EMP), tool status indicator with LED light, ladder clip, and 3/4” tool holder with friction ring and through hole.

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