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Information on palm routers from Bosch

Our GKF 600 palm router and GKF 12V-8 cordless palm router are equipped with rough and fine depth adjustment. This feature and the fact that the engine block is secured without play enable you to carry out extremely precise routing work in wood.

Our palm routers are each equipped with a 6 mm and an 8 mm collet. This allows you to use a wide range of router bits, such as the high-quality router bit from our range of accessories.

Our GKF 12V-8 cordless palm router from our Professional 12V System is perfect for mobile use. Its very small grip circumference means that it sits perfectly in the hand. The best router for routing larger diameters is the GKF 600. This router also sits very well in the hand and its TE 600 plunge base, which is available as an option, can turn your palm router into a plunge router in next to no time.

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