Art of endurance

Art of endurance

Adam Detre brings wood sculptures to life with exquisite precision and a new level of comfort – powered by Bosch Professional.

Endurance is everything

As a wood sculptor, Adam Detre spends hours bent over in his workshop or outside in harsh natural conditions, creating free-form sculptures out of surplus wood. The best results come from patience and physical endurance: Due to the intricacy of his sculptures, Detre has to handle power tools at various angles for long periods of time. The strain can be intense, which is why he prefers cordless tools that make power feel lighter, well-balanced, and more comfortable in his hands.

Making art is tough work but it's easier with Bosch Professional.

Adam Detre, Sculptor, Adam Detre Designs
We're not getting any younger, so staying healthy and fit is really important in the long term.

Adam Detre, Sculptor, Adam Detre Designs

This elm tree got a new life as the WATER #3 sculpture in Fiskars park, Finland. (PRO Story)

Creating life

RAASEPORI – Art may be rewarding, but it is tough work. To create his fine wood sculptures, British sculptor Adam Detre takes surplus wood and transforms them into expressive pieces with a whole new life. The results are clean, refined, organic, and clearly show the long hours of work that Detre puts into each piece. The many hours of strenuous positions and precise handling require a high level of physical endurance, which is why he has decided to go fully cordless with Bosch Professional. "We're not getting any younger from this," says Detre with a laugh. "Staying healthy being able to work is really important in the long term."

Cordless tools give Adam Detre more lightness and comfort. (PRO Story)

Surplus wood

Detre is based in Fiskars, Finland, where his workshop has a relaxed atmosphere. There are unfinished works on the shelves and a sculpture on the desk, all of which will soon go to an art exhibition in Stockholm. Detre chooses to work with surplus wood: used, abandoned and obtained from many different places. "The wood is already beautiful," he says. "I don't want to use wood that has been felled just for my work." He works with what he finds, selecting surplus materials from sawmills, burnt wood, or wood from individual forest owners. Because the wood isn't cut to size for his purposes, Detre often has to do a lot of work to get them into the form he needs.

Adam Detre, Sculptor, Adam Detre Designs
When you're working for a long time, the balance of the tool makes all the difference. The tool needs to feel like it fits and sits well in the hand.

Adam Detre, Sculptor, Adam Detre Designs

Long battery runtimes help Detre work seamlessly for hours, even in the cold. (PRO Story)

Comfortable runtimes

But Detre doesn't only work indoors. Many of his outdoor sculptures take a long time, making it a test of endurance not just for the sculptor but for his power tools: "My tools have to work for long periods of time in harsh conditions without charging, and the tools are really put to the test". Cordless tools and long battery runtimes are essential for Detre, as electricity is not always available. He needs to move freely, walking around the pieces and criss-crossing in difficult positions. Detre is glad to depend on our Bosch Professional cordless tools. "I haven't had to think much about battery life. In fact, most of the time, my batteries run out before the tools' do," he laughs.

Bosch Professional tools are well-balanced and sit well in the hand so there is minimal strain. (PRO Stories)

Perfect balance

To work productively for long hours with minimal strain, Detre looks for ergonomic tools that feel good in his hands. He says that long-term work goes smoothly without problems with Bosch Professional tools, as the ergonomics are just right. "With the grinders I use the most, the GWS 18V-10 SC Professional and the GGS 18V-10 SLC Professional, the balance of the tool is perfect," he says. "The balance really makes a difference if I have to work for a long time. With Bosch Professional, it really feels that the tool fits and sits well in the hand – and feels balanced." Thanks to the high level of comfort, Detre is able to focus and lose himself in hours of productive work.

Adam Detre, Sculptor, Adam Detre Designs
Safety features usually slow down the work, but not in the case of Bosch Professional. These features convince me that you don't have to pay a high price to get tough work done.

Adam Detre, Sculptor, Adam Detre Designs

Excellent safety features give Detre peace of mind, so he can focus on the work. (PRO Story)

Peace of mind

The tools not only feel good to work with, they offer Detre peace of mind. "The safety features that are built into Bosch tools have convinced me that you don't have to pay a high price to get tough work done," he says. "Safety features usually slow down the work, but not in the case of Bosch tools. If the grinder I'm using gets stuck, KickBack Control stops the tool without any major surprise or violent impact and my shoulder is spared." As a sculptor, Detre is also careful about not damaging his materials: "These safety features also protect the materials, as the tool stops, for example, before the disc falls apart."

Detre is surprised by Bosch Professional tools for their thoughtful, user-friendly features. (PRO Story)

The best features

"I have tested and used different tools, but Bosch Professional has convinced me more and more over time," says Detre, who was astonished to learn that he could control his tools via a smartphone app. "The advanced features really surprised me. I can control the line laser using the Bosch Leveling Remote app. I can turn the measuring device off and on, change display modes and even adjust the power of the laser directly on my phone." From comfort to safety to smart features, Detre is impressed: "The best features are those that you didn't even realise you needed and now you just can't imagine life without them."

Adam Detre, Sculptor, Adam Detre Designs
The advanced features really surprised me... The best features are the ones you never realised you needed and now you just can't imagine life without them.

Adam Detre, Sculptor, Adam Detre Designs



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