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Information on breakers from Bosch

You can choose between three different versions of our breakers: The GSH 16-28 breaker with 1750 W motor power and 41 J of impact energy, the GSH 16-30 breaker which also has 1750 W motor power and produces 41 J of impact energy, and the GSH 27 VC our most powerful breaker with 2000 W motor power and 62 J of impact energy.

The GSH 16-28 and the GSH 27 VC are fitted with a 28 mm internal hexagon shank for chisels, while the GSH 16-30 has a 30 mm internal hexagon shank. Unlike tools with an SDS-max holder, the 28 mm or 30 mm internal hexagon shank can be used for perfectly transferring the breakers' high impact energy.

The tools are suitable for carrying out any demolition work in concrete or asphalt. Our comprehensive range even offers the accessories needed for driving in earth rods.

All Bosch breakers are equipped with Vibration Control. This allows you to work with the breakers for longer periods even with their high power capacity.

* You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products