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Intelligent PROtection makes powerful work safer.

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Bosch PROtection: intelligent protection against injuries and long-term damage.

When working with power tools, you always run the risk of getting physically injured or of being exposed to long-term hazards like dust or vibration. Therefore, we at Bosch Professional develop and manufacture power tools with integrated, active PROtection features – innovative tools that reduce the risk of injury or long-term diseases independently, while providing you best performance even under the toughest conditions.

Because you can’t foresee every danger.

We can give you added safety with our injury protection technology.

Drilling, grinding and sawing applications have hidden dangers and you need fast reflexes to keep yourself from serious injury. However sometimes you just can’t react fast enough. That is when our PROtection functions come into play: Innovative sensor technology in conjunction with mechanical and electronic based features give you added safety and control over your tools.

KickBack Control
No one wants injuries at work, from major breaks to minor sprains and cuts.

Have you ever had a drill snag on some rebar while on the job? KickBack Control stops your tool going out of control protecting you against injuries. You’ll find it in many of our rotary hammers, demolition hammers, sanders and planers, cordless rotary hammers, cordless combis and angle grinders.

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Drop Control
You concentrate on the job. Our tools concentrate on keeping you and others safer.

Everyone drops their tool sometime, maybe even while it’s running. Drop Control stops the machine immediately on impact with the ground and protects you against resulting injuries. Drop Control is in our latest angle grinders.

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Intelligent Brake System
So that stop actually means STOP.

The Intelligent Brake System shortens breaking-time up to 70 % – regardless of oil or dust in the area. It’s in many of our angle grinders.

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PROtection Switch
Work on the safer side.
No more runaway tools.

If pressure on the paddle switch is released, for any reason the tool turns off immediately. You’ll find our PROtection Switches in many of our angle grinders and straight grinders.

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Restart Protection
It goes back to work only when you’re ready to.

No unexpected start-ups. Restart Protection ensures when there is a power cut or someone unplugs your power tool your tool won’t automatically start up once power is restored. You’ll find it in many of our corded and cordless tools.

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Rotation Control Clutch
Your hands are your most valuable tool. They need to be protected.

When a drill binds it can keep going and injure the user. The Rotation Control Clutch disengages power giving you back control. You’ll find it in many of our rotary hammers and demolition hammers, drills and impact drills.

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Intelligent PROtection:

Reduction of risks – thanks to sensor-based technologies that identify dangers and intervene as a precautionary measure.

Because you always give your all, we give you a break.
With our preventative safety technology.

You work is hard but the job can be even harder on your body. To reduce long-term damage caused by strong vibrations or dust, Bosch Professional Power Tools are equipped with technology that can protect your body and preserve your health.

Vibration Control
Power-through instead of shaken-up.

Experience how it feels to work free from fatigue. You’ll find Vibration Control in many of our drills and impact drills, angle grinders, orbital sanders, random orbit sanders and sabre saws.

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Click & Clean Systems
A breath of fresh air instead of a mouthful of dust.

Whoever exposes themselves to inhalable and respirable dust is endangering their health. Many of our power tools can be combined with Bosch Click & Clean Systems with vacuum and suction accessories for a dust free work environment.

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Putting an end to dust matters.

It is possible to drill without clouds of dust with our new SpeedClean drill bits. Drilling dust is vacuumed directly through holes in the drill head and the inside of the drill bit. Thus you avoid a lot of dust in the air and look after your health.

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