Bosch protection technology

Intelligent PROtection mitigates potential injury or harm

Bosch Professional

Bosch PROtection: intelligent protection against injuries and long-term damage

When working with power tools, you always run the risk of getting physically injured or of being exposed to long-term hazards like dust or vibration. Therefore, we at Bosch Professional develop and manufacture power tools with integrated, active PROtection features – innovative tools that reduce the risk of injury or long-term diseases independently, while providing you best performance even under the toughest conditions.

Kickback Control

Shuts off grinder when the wheel gets into a bind situation.

  • Bosch invented and introduced on high end grinders in 2010
  • The most common cause of injury to operators and nearby workers

  • Most sites and/or companies require tools with kickback control
  • Cutting wheel: Twisting or canting the wheel will cause kickback, however kickback control will not engage.
  • Cutting wheel: A pinching or impeding the rotation of the wheel engages the kickback control.
  • Grinding: Snagging the wheel will not engage the kickback control
The wheel must be forcibly stopped in order for the kickback control to activate.

Restart Protection

Helps prevent accidental tool startup if the supply of power is interrupted

  • Bosch invented and introduced on high end grinders in 2011
  • Most sites and/or companies require tools with restart protection.
  • For continued operation, the switch must be released, and the tool restarted (slide switch – move to off position and then back on. For paddle, release paddle and reactivate)

Momentary Contact Switch

Constant pressure must be maintained on the switch to ensure tool function.
If constant pressure is used, the switch actuator maintains power to the tool.

Vibration Control Side Handle

Allows for improved user comfort and control.

  • Small angle grinder (SAG): Reduces up to 70% of vibration in the side handle
  • Lage angle grinder (LAG): Features incorporated into the body of the tool and the side handle to help reduce vibration during grinding

Intelligent Brake System

Helps provide a rapid stop of the wheel when the switch is turned off.

  • After switching off the grinder, the spinning accessory may grab the surface and pull the tool out of your control.
  • Bosch introduced an electromagnetic braking system designed to stop the disc from rotating.

Drop Control

Helps shut the grinder off after accidentally dropping the tool on the floor.

  • When working with grinders, it is possible the grinder may be dropped. A dead man switch grinder will turn the grinder off when dropped, a tool with lock on switch will not turn off.
  • Only applies to select grinders with lock-on switches (slide & some paddle)
  • Conditions: Drop distance has to be greater than 1 foot, and on a hard surface or hit with a force impact equal to a 1 foot drop


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