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Proper use of grinders

As with any power tool, proper and safe usage is required. Following good safety practices when using a grinder is a MUST. Make a habit of using safety in all your activities. Before using the grinder, users must read the tools instruction manual. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the main features and proper handling of the angle grinder.

Types of grinders

Small Angle Grinder (SAG)

SAG come in wheel diameters up to 6 inches / 150mm. They are available in both corded and cordless models with either the X-LOCK or threaded spindle mounting systems as well as paddle or slide switch options.

Large Angle Grinder (LAG)

All grinders that come in wheel diameter more than 6 inches / 150mm are called large angle grinders (LAG).

Corded Tools

Corded grinder use a cable to supply power. There are corded SAG as well as corded LAG.

Cordless Tools

Cordless grinder use a chargeable battery as power source. Majority of cordless grinder are SAG.

X-LOCK vs Standard

The X-LOCK interface grinders feature a one-piece wheel connection, which eliminates the need for the backing flange, locking nuts and a wrench that the standard grinder interface requires to attach accessories.

Lock-On slide switch

Allows the user to slide the switch to the “ON” position to turn on the grinder, and it will keep running until you slide the switch to the “OFF” position. The drop control innovation shuts off the grinder after an accidental dropping of the tool at 1 foot or greater distance.

Tool free guard

The adjustable tool-free guard designed with multiple fixed adjustment settings to allow the user to position the guard in a variety of working angles.

Speed Control

The speed control is needed to adjust the grinder easily and quick to different applications and materials as e.g

  • stainless steel
  • removing rust
  • removing paint

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    Handle All grinders need to be used with two hands. One hand should always be on the side handle. Some side handles are designed to dampen or reduce vibrations.
    Wheelguard The grinder must always be used with a protective guard. Applications and local regulations must be taken in consideration when choosing the appropriate guard.
    Switch If any risk, user must switch the tool off immediately by putting the grinder’s switch in the off position. Some grinders are equipped with what is called a “deadman switch” to stop the grinder once pressure is released from the switch.

    Protective guard is intended for general cutting, grinding and sanding work


    For extra grip and better control for the user

    Cutting Discs

    Cutting disc for cutting metal


    Knotted wire for heavy-duty cleaning applications on medium-to-large steel surfaces. Ideal for removing heavy rust, underseal, paint or varnish

    Grinding Discs

    Grinding discs for grinding e.g. metal and malleable cast iron


    Cover dust guard for angle grinders. Its full cover shape provides enhanced dust extraction for virtually dust-free work

    Metal pipes
    Metal pipes
    Cutting Application

    • Cut pipes to preset length
    • Cut Pavers
    • Rebar

    Grinding Application

    Grind prepared surfaces

    • Welds
    • Rust
    • Concrete


    Here you can download and print additional information about Bosch protection technology.