Cordless Torch
GLI 18V-300 Professional

Brighten up your work, 24 hours a day!


Technical data

The most important data

Weight excl. battery 0.3 kg
Battery voltage 14,4–18 V
Luminous flux 300 lumen
Max. operating time 14.4 V 250 mins/Ah
Max. operating time 18 V 300 mins/Ah
Packaging dimensions (width x length x height) 200 x 332 x 101 mm
Weight incl. battery 0.6 kg


Brighten up your work, 24 hours a day!

  • Light day and night -thanks to the 24 hours of illumination provided with just one 18V 5.0Ah battery
  • Flexibility in usage - thanks to the hanging hook and to the 5 standing positions
  • No more dark areas - thanks to the 6 powerful LEDs. See clearly where and what you are working on

Prices / Package contents

GLI 18V-300

Order number: 0 601 4A1 100

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* Battery and charger not included