Bosch GLL 3-80 CG line laser and GLM 150 C distance measure

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Bosch has two new precision tools on offer: the GLL 3-80 CG line laser and the GLM 150 C distance measure. Both pack some great features. I use these types of tools almost daily, whether using the line laser for marking out rough-in or fit off works, or measuring cable runs or floor-heating areas with the distance measure. Both of these tools will save plenty of time and provide the accuracy required. I currently own an older model Bosch distance measure which has been a very reliable unit, so I was pretty keen to give this new model with the large viewfinder a go.


The GLL 3-80 Professional is a 3 x 360-degee green-beam line laser which has up to 4x better visibility due to the green laser lines. The laser can simultaneously give horizontal or vertical lines, making it very easy to mark out or square things up. The dual power feature allows you to use your 12-10.8-volt Bosch batteries or, with the battery adapter, 4 x AA batteries. Its IP54 rating means it’s jobsite tough, too. Rain and dust are all good. In the box are 4 x AA batteries, a pouch, AA battery adapter, laser target, carry case, universal holder and a clamp, so you have plenty to get you up and running straight away.

We use lasers like this daily and find them to be an asset that we cannot live without, especially for productivity and speed. Two-man mark outs and chalk lines are a thing of the past for us. Downlight layouts are lined up in seconds, and level datum lines for our GPOs and data-point rough-ins make marking out a breeze. They’re perfect for all indoor set outs like tile layouts, squaring/plumbing up walls, electrical and plumbing rough-ins and fit offs.

The Bosch has an operating radius of 20m, and for super-long hallways or large warehouses, you can extend the working range of the laser up to 60m with the optional L7R receiver. Bluetooth connectivity is very helpful with Levelling Remote app. It allows you to use your phone as a remote to control the line selection and power. RM3 optional base gives more value allowing you to rotate the tool and fine-tune the lines.


The GLM 150 C Professional is a compact little laser measure with its most significant feature being the digital viewfinder with zoom function. The readability is excellent due to the large 2.8" IPS colour display which has a robust cover glass. The laser measure also connects to the Measuring Master app, which allows fast collection and documentation of measured values. I found this feature extremely handy, especially when jotting out floor plans or measuring up multiple cable runs.

This is one convenient little unit which, when I first bought one, I didn’t think we would use as much as we do.

For one-man measuring of room lengths, (especially when measuring up a ladder), very long cable runs with many ups, downs and corners, square metres for floor heating, and even measuring room volume for exhaust-fan sizes, this unit was amazing.

We use this type of tool very often. For me, taking it onsite for our tender visits is another time they come in handy. By quickly measuring out cable runs for mains cables and data runs I can make a better judgement on our quotes and be more competitive.

The GLM 150 C is very accurate, with a tolerance of +/-1.5mm. And a measuring distance of 0.8m-150.00m makes it great for those long runs.


Both units are impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed testing the two over the past weeks, and it makes me want to upgrade both my laser level and distance measure.

The viewfinder on the laser measure is a game-changer for me. On long distances, my older model uses a red-laser dot that can be very hard to see, and accuracy can be jeopardised as it may be pointing at the wrong spot. The viewfinder eliminates this and makes measuring long distances a lot faster.

The laser level I found excellent as well, and anyone in the market for a new laser level should have a good look at this unit. Maybe the boys might get a hand-me-down with my old unit and I will treat myself to this new blue beast.

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