Dust solutions for grinding concrete

Dust solutions for grinding concrete

Bosch Professional Dust Control

Grinding concrete, stone, brick

When you use a grinder to smooth the surface of concrete, or any other quartz materials containing concrete, this generates a huge amount of silica dust. Respirable crystalline silica (RCS) is one of the most common and hazardous dust types in trade work, silica dust particles can be 100x smaller than a grain of sand. Many workers breathe it in without realizing it. In the long term, this can lead to major health issues, such as silicosis (the scarring and stiffening of the lungs).

The best way to control dust is to stop it from getting into the air. That's why we designed our dust extractors to:

  • Fit seamlessly on your concrete grinder
  • Not get in the way of work
  • Capture dust at the point of creation

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Grinding Concrete with concrete Grinders
Grinding Concrete with concrete Grinders
Grinding Concrete with concrete Grinders
No attachment needed!

Faster, cleaner, lighter than ever. Our concrete grinders are dust-ready, so you don't even need a dust attachment.

  • Connect directly to our dust extractors thanks to Click&Clean.
  • Outstanding dust capture rate: Suitable for large amounts of dust.
  • No dust attachment, so no extra weight.


Here are all the dust solutions you need for grinding concrete with grinders at a glance.

Dust Extraction Guard

Did you know?

You can keep your jobsite cleaner when you use the Dust Extraction Guard on your angle grinder. The guard helps you remove dust when you grind various construction materials as well as soft materials, like plastics and wood. You can use it in conjunction with sanding plates and fibre sanding sheets or with tungsten carbide grinding heads.

See Dust Extraction Guard