Bosch Authorised Seller program
for marketplaces

What is the Bosch Authorised Seller program for marketplaces?

The Bosch Authorised Seller program grants professional power tool sellers the right to feature a country specific Bosch Authorised Seller identification on selected marketplaces (in accordance with the specific marketplace image guidelines). The objective is to highlight sellers that provide excellent user experience based on consistent benchmarked criteria.

How to become a Bosch Authorised Seller?

  • Any marketplace seller can apply for Bosch Authorised Seller status
  • Bosch Authorised Seller status is assessed and granted on application only
  • The applicant must meet the criteria on the marketplace to which they are applying as per below:
    • Essential criteria: all criteria are fulfilled
    • Additional criteria: 3 of 4 criteria are fulfilled
  • Bosch Authorised Seller status and criteria is subject to change and can be revoked

Essential criteria:

  • Positive seller ratings and reviews: ≥99% positive ratings on the specific marketplace
  • Sales and partnership: minimum 6 months trading relationship with Bosch in the marketplace country for which the seller is applying to feature the identification
  • ‘Bosch Professional Power Tools’ is the brand denotation (e.g. to enable users to differentiate Bosch Professional from Bosch Home and Garden products)
  • ‘EAN’ is provided by the seller in the new product listing process to support efficient user product search
  • Bosch imagery is applied by the seller on the marketplace in accordance with the Bosch Styleguide to communicate consistent design standards and messaging to users

Additional criteria:

  • Delivery and return rights: maximum 1-2 days shipment, free-of-charge returns
  • Customer service: telephone hotline and/or chat support in local language (minimum 5 days per week / 6 hours per day), email contact (24 hours maximum response time)
  • Product detail pages include Bosch logo, brand visuals, product image, application images, product description in local language, scope of delivery, technical data
  • Bosch Professional assortment size: minimum 200 products appear when searching ‘Bosch Professional’ (including professional power tools and accessories)

How to apply to be a Bosch Authorised Seller?

Apply in writing via your Bosch sales representative.

What the Authorised Seller shall not:

  • The seller can only use the identification when Bosch Authorised Seller status is granted by Bosch
  • The seller can only use the identification on the marketplace to which it has been granted Bosch Authorised Seller status
  • If, during the contract time, the seller fails to meet criteria, the seller must notify Bosch and delete the identification from the marketplace domain without delay
  • The right of use does not include the right of sub-licensing (even to affiliated companies) unless Bosch gives prior written consent
  • Usage of the identification by the seller is at its own risk. Bosch assumes no liability whatsoever for the use of the identification by the seller
  • In case of agreement termination, the seller shall destroy any identifications which may be in the seller possession, including copies thereof, locally stored copies, and shall confirm this to Bosch in writing