Multi-Hole Pads


Multihole Backing Pad for Long Life for Sanding Sheets

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Multi-Hole Pads

Multihole Backing Pad for Long Life for Sanding Sheets

  • Most efficient dust removal with Bosch Particle Control.
  • Hole layout offers long life for all sanding sheets.
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The advent of multi-hole sanding papers promises greater effectiveness, longer accessory life and a better working environment free of dust. However, if you want to take full advantage of this ‘no dust’ revolution, you’ll need a backing pad to match. The Multihole Backing Pad is an integral part of Bosch’s Particle Control system. Its seemingly random holes is the product of painstaking research: mathematically, enough holes will always align with the paper to ensure optimal dust extraction. This means your sheets don’t clog and they last longer. It's available in hard, medium and soft versions, depending on the type of sanding you do.


Product range

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3 Available product variations
Part number Diameter mm Version Perforation Pack quantity suitable for
2 608 601 333
125 soft Multi-Hole 1 Pcs
GET 55-125
GEX 34-125 Professional
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2 608 601 568
150 soft Multi-Hole 1 Pcs
GEX 125-150 AVE Professional
2 608 601 336
150 soft Multi-Hole 1 Pcs
GET 75-150
GEX 34-150
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