X-Lock paddle-switch grinder GWX 18V-10 PSC

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Tested by Matt Page

In the world of real, trade-quality grinders there is a new sheriff in town. It’s the X-LOCK paddle-switch grinder GWX 18V-10 PSC.

The new X-LOCK system from Bosch is bringing 3 huge, unique benefits.

First, it’s X-TRA fast, with 5X faster disc change.

Second, it’s X-TRA safe, removing the risk of loose locking nuts and reducing drop hazard from height.

Third, it’s X-TRA easy to use. With its one-click disc removal, you won’t find a more straightforward tool to use or change discs with.

The X-LOCK paddle-switch grinder GWX 18V-10 PSC is one smart grinder, and if this review hasn’t caught your attention yet, I’m not sure what will. The features mentioned will have a serious impact on your work rate, save vast amounts of time and significantly improve your efficiencies. Just think of the time saved not looking for pin spanners and the money saved not replacing those which are always lost.

Grinders would have to be one of the most dangerous tools on any site, therefore correct mounting of accessories is vitally important. With the X-LOCK system you simply push the disc and it ‘clicks’ into place and locks on. To remove simply pull the red lever. With X-LOCK, discs and other accessories cannot be mounted incorrectly, improving lifetime of the accessory and reducing waste.

What is also bringing next-level safety is Bosch’s full array of safety features, including kickback & drop control, soft start and restart protection.

Thanks to the X-LOCK innovation the tool now features X-BRAKE. With the danger of locking nuts accidentally coming loose under braking now removed, the exclusive X-BRAKE is now the fastest braking system on the market.

On the power front, the X-LOCK paddle-switch grinder GWX 18V-10 PSC using an 8.0Ah ProCORE18V Lithium Ion battery is punching out the equivalent power to a 1000W corded grinder, and the inclusion of the variable speed control allows you to set the grinder between 4000rpm and 9000rpm.


When looking at the X-LOCK system up close, it’s a very smart design and its ease of use is undeniable. You pull the lever and the disc comes straight off. Putting a new disk on is just as simple: line it up by rotating the disc then push it on with two fingers until it clicks into place. I showed my 12yr old daughter once and she did it first go. It’s a brilliant system.

Control of the grinder and ergonomics are great, and now the nut has been removed from the underside of the disc you can get even closer and straighter angles when cutting and grinding.


The power of the GWX 18V-10 PSC is impressive. Equivalent to a 1000W corded grinder, it’ll smash through tasks.

For our test I gathered up a collection of metal offcuts to rip into, including a section of I-beam, metal bar and other bits and pieces. The first test was with a wire brush. It had the I-beam gleaming in no time at all. Next, I grabbed a grinding disc which I leant on the grinder to see if the motor slowed (which it didn’t at all). Last, I clicked on a friction cutting disc, which sliced through the top section of the I-beam in less than a minute.


There is no denying this grinder is going to be a game-changer. The X-LOCK technology from Bosch is bringing newfound levels of safety, ease of use and speed. Furthermore, anything that removes the need for fingers to contact grinder discs is going to be a massive win from the get-go.

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