Make Dust History.

With a complete dustless solution from Bosch

High-vis, hard hats and steel-caps are typical things we think of when it comes to safety on site. Bosch Professional Power Tools provide products that are both high-quality and are designed to keep their users safe.

Now Bosch is proud to launch the first complete dust solution to fight the war on silicosis. An irreversible lung disease that affects people working with materials such as concrete, bricks, tiles, sandstone, granite and manufactured stone.

To move towards a dust free site, Bosch has launched a range of M and L class certified vacuums, tool extraction guards for grinding, drilling, demolition and woodworking. No matter the trade, Bosch has you covered for all applications on site. The range is completed with the new Bosch SpeedClean hammerdrill bits, for SDS-plus and SDS-max. The carbide 4-cutter head SpeedClean drill bits are used with an attachable dust extraction port, for optimised dust extraction during the drilling process, resulting in 90% less inhalable dust, clean holes for a fast anchor setting and increased drilling speed.

1. Complete safety solution- with Tools, Vacuums, Guards and Accessories.

2. Complete dust-free SDS-plus and SDS-max drilling range for cleaner and faster holes and longer drill bit life.

3. Safety compliant and site ready Vacuums with auto filters and extensive features.

For more information and to check your local laws head to Safe Work Australia:

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