Tradies, it’s time to cut the cord! Get industrial power from the Bosch 18V BITURBO Brushless Range!

Bosch Professional Power Tools have launched the 18V BITURBO Brushless Cordless Power Tools Range. Bosch’s unique BITURBO technology with its new high-performance brushless motor exploits the full potential of the ProCORE18V batteries, so you can conquer even the most challenging tasks. The entire BITURBO range is designed for tough work, featuring a variety of tools to suit the needs of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, woodworkers, steel fabricators, builders, apprentices, mining industrial workers, and heating and cooling specialists.

BITURBO tools are the future of Industrial power tools, achieving revolutionary performance from cordless tools using just one ProCORE18V battery, a platform that’s already in use across the rest of Bosch’s 18V range. Backed by a 6 Year Warranty that covers all Bosch Professional Power Tools, Batteries and Chargers. Get more bang for your buck!

What is BITURBO?

Each tool in the range features the BITURBO Brushless Motor that allows the tools to draw the maximum power out of one 18V battery. In other words, there is no need for dual or multiple battery usage on one tool at a time. Bosch BITURBO can achieve up to 2000W corded equivalent power from one ProCORE18V battery. BITURBO is optimized for ProCORE18V batteries, but compatible with all 18V tools running on the existing Bosch Professional 18V battery platform. New BITURBO tools, same ProCORE18V batteries.

All of Bosch’s batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch professional tools in the same voltage class. For unleashing the maximum power of BITURBO tools, use a ProCORE18V 8.0Ah or 12.0Ah battery.

What is included in the current BITURBO Range?

  • 1600W Brushless 216mm Slide Mitre Saw: GCM 18V-216

  • 2000W Brushless 305MM Glide Saw: GCM 18V-305 GDC

  • 1800W Brushless 184mm Circular Saw: GKS 18V-68 C

  • 1800W Brushless 184mm Circular Saw: GKS 18V-68 GC

  • 1600W Brushless 52mm Plunge Saw: GKT 18V-15 C

  • 1500W Brushless 125mm Grinder: GWS 18V-15 C

More BITURBO tools joining the range in 2021.

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