Bosch X-LOCK – The ultimate changing system for grinders

Bosch has revolutionised angle grinder safety and performance in 2020 with X-LOCK. The X-LOCK system is the world’s first click in click out angle grinder attachment system, making grinding X-TRA FAST, X-TRA SAFE, and X-TRA EASY. Bosch has already set a number of milestones in quick-change systems, with SDS plus and SDS max for rotary hammers, T-shank jigsaw shafts for quick release and the Starlock system for multi-tools in conjunction with Fein. With 23 global accessory suppliers on board (and counting), X-LOCK will change the game in safety and performance for angle grinders.

How does the X-LOCK system work?

The X-shaped interface of the grinders head and the accessory allows easy and effortless mounting. Position the wheel in the X-LOCK mount, click it in – and you're good to go! The clicking sound lets you know that the accessory is correctly mounted on the device and is locked in reliably. To change a disc, simply unlock it using the red lever on the back of the grinder head and release the disc. The X-LOCK technology is fully tested and suitable for the Australian market.

What are the benefits of using X-LOCK?

Instead of following several steps which require a great deal of effort and parts that can get lost, such as tensioning nuts, flanges and keys, you can now change your accessories in five seconds, safely and with ease.


Accessories can be securely swapped and changed 5x faster, compared to accessory changes on standard grinders needing a key to secure discs in place. With X-TRA time up your sleeve, achieve better productivity, less tool downtime, no rework metal, and best of all – more dollars in your pocket!


The X-LOCK system reaches new safety standards. X-BRAKE has the fastest brake time for cordless models, ensuring that the disc comes to a complete stop within one second of switching off the tool. This new safety feature is highly important when it comes to putting the grinder face-down on any surface immediately after being used, as well as when needing to change accessories quickly on the job.

X-LOCK discs cannot be mounted the incorrect way, which is especially important of diamond and ceramics discs.

In addition to the new safety features of X-LOCK, the grinders include:

  • Drop Control sensor technology: Ensures drop hazards from working height are significantly reduced, making the workplace a safer environment.
  • Kick-Back: The sensor-based functions also feature ‘KickBack’ control which stops the motor if the angle grinder is suddenly blocked, for example if the wheel jams.
  • Vibration control: There are versions of the grinder available with soft start, restart protection and an auxiliary handle with vibration damping.

Furthermore, no manual tightening of discs onto grinders are necessary and no need for holding hot discs in hand. The red lever on the back of the grinder head used to release the accessory is only functional when the tool is not in use. If the disc is spinning, the lever will not engage and the disc cannot be switched until it comes to a stop.


The X-LOCK system is so simple to use: align the accessory against the X pattern on the grinder and press to click in to place, ready for use. To remove the disc, simply pull the red lever on the back of the grinder to release the accessory. No lost nuts, spanners and flanges.

Backwards compatibility of X-LOCK Accessories

All the cutting and grinding X-LOCK accessories are backwards compatible. To assist with a seamless transition from conventional grinders to the new X-LOCK system, *all X-LOCK accessories can be used on both the new grinders, as well as standard grinders with the older interface system.

Bosch Professional provides a huge number of X-LOCK tools and accessories to cope with every application and user need. The range of accessories covers all areas of application for metal, stone, and concrete, processing trades, plumbers and tilers. Flat grinding is now possible without the need for potential rework as surfaces will never get scratched due to the recessed interface. With a wide range of accessories and 23 other licensed suppliers of X-LOCK globally, there’s a solution for every job.

*Brushes, backing pads and diamond drills are not backwards compatible due to their exaggerated 3D shape.

The X-LOCK range includes 6 Angle Grinders:

  • GWX 14-125 (1400W grinder)

  • GWX 15-125 PS (1500W Paddle switch grinder)

  • GWX 17-125 T (1700W side switch grinder)

  • GWX 18V-10C (18V side switch grinder - cordless)

  • GWX 18V-10PC (18V side switch grinder - cordless)

  • GWX 18V-10PSC (18V side switch grinder - cordless)

X-LOCK Angle Grinders and Accessories are available now for order at Total Tools, Blackwoods and Bosch Trade Specialists.

Learn more about X-LOCK: AU

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