The next level of power and control
World First Connected Cordless Angle Grinder

Powerful Brushless Grinder
GWS 18V-125 SC Professional

The GWS 18V-125 SC comes equipped with a powerful Brushless motor delivering the equivalent of a 1000W corded tool and puts the user in control with Bluetooth technology

- LED control panel and integrated Bluetooth functionality for greater ease of use
- Powerful Brushless Motor with 1000W corded tool performance
- Packed with safety features: Drop Control, KickBack Control, Restart Protection, Soft start, Intelligent Brake System, LED Light

Bosch Blue has introduced the world’s first 18-volt Bluetooth Connected angle grinder – the GWS 18V-125 SC – one of the most powerful and intelligent small angle grinders available.

German engineered for a broad range of heavy duty grinding applications, Bosch Blue’s GWS 18V-125 SC Cordless Angle Grinder provides tradies with best-in-class power and torque. Featuring a high-performance Brushless EC Motor, the angle grinder has 35% more power and up to 100% longer runtime compared to previous model.

With a unique LED control panel, the new GWS 18V-125 SC Professional angle grinder offers trade professionals the next level of power tool convenience, with the interactive interface updating tradies on the tool’s performance, battery and heat levels, and speed selection in real-time.

For improved user protection, Bosch’s new cordless Angle Grinder also features the world first Drop Control system – an integrated sensor that detects if the tool has been dropped and switches off the machine immediately when the tool hits the ground.

Ideal for metal manufacturers, maintenance professionals, miners and construction workers, the high-performance, reliability and safety of Bosch’s 18-volt Cordless Angle Grinder makes it perfect for grinding steel, stainless steel, cast iron, welding seams, cutting of various materials and removing rust.

Weighing only 2.8 kilograms and boasting an anti-vibration auxiliary handle, Bosch’s Angle Grinder is easy-to-use and handle through the toughest applications. Packed with a number of new features for increased user protection, Bosch Blue’s new Angle Grinder has raised the bar in safety and performance:
1. KickBack Control: shuts the tool off when the grinding/cutting wheel is jammed
2. Restart Protection: prevents a restart of the machine in the case the battery is empty or replaced and the switch is still in “on” position
3. Soft Start: tool starts soft and does not give a sudden Kick-Back to the user. This mode is also adjustable via the App
4. LED work light: bright LED work light for better visibility, not only a spot but wider light spread.

World First Bluetooth Connectivity
The GWS 18V-125 SC comes equipped with a low consumption Bluetooth chip which provides innovative tool control and connectivity via a smartphone app – a world first for professional angle grinders.

This advanced connectivity allows tradies to operate the tool via a smartphone or tablet device and receive updates on the tool’s performance as well as tips for troubleshooting in real-time. For instance, if the angle grinder shuts down due to overheating, users will be alerted directly on their smartphone as to the reason and what they can do to fix the problem.

Once the connected tool has been paired to the smartphone app, users will have access to the following features and benefits:

• Mobile Notifications are triggered if one of the following features come into action Restart protection, KickBack Control or Drop Control

• Mobile Alerts and Warnings provide users with status updates and advice on how to solve issues when there is motor overheating, electronic failure or low battery Levels

• Tool Customisation allows users to control the pre-select soft start setting, LED work light power (brightness and timer settings), user Interface (brightness and timer settings) and setting resets switch.

• Enhanced tool information including:
• Tool name: machine type, serial number, manufacturing date and baretool number
• Tool specs: all technical date of the tool
• Tool usage: shows total runtime and numbers of features activated
• Easy service information and location of any spare parts required
• Simple planning of service intervals with shown tool runtime

Angle Grinder

GWS 18V-125 SC Professional

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