Bosch SDS-plus® - Bulldog™ Xtreme

Drill Bits

• Solid tungsten carbide head with 4-cutter geometry
• Extraordinary lifetime and high drilling speed in concrete
• 3x the life of than any other bit when hitting rebar
• Wear mark assures hole diameter tolerance for anchoring applications
• Centric conical tip results in precise hole diameters
• Stress Optimized flute - For fast dust removal, high power transmission

Over the years Bosch has brought constant innovation to concrete and masonry drilling from inventing the industry standard SDS system to custom-manufactured carbide and diffusion bonding, the result being better performance and durability.

Bosch’s latest ground-breaking innovation, Bulldog Xtreme drill bits have an astonishing lifetime with 3x the life of than any other bit when hitting rebar. This is thanks to the Xtreme bits 4-cutter full tungsten carbide head providing extraordinary lifetime and resistance in reinforced concrete. Optimized for heavy-duty rotary hammers, the 4-cutter provides less carbide wear than two cutters meaning end users can be more productive with each bit.

The Bulldog Xtreme range is both engineered and manufactured in Germany ensuring the highest of quality. Bosch the only producer of SDS plus drill bits with the ability to manufacture its own tungsten carbide metal. Through the use of proprietary diffusion-bonding technology, a high-heat, high-pressure solid state welding process, Xtreme bits ensure a superior steel/carbide combination.
Each Bulldog Xtreme bit comes with a sharp 90° centering tip which helps to provide a clean and accurate start in concrete. The combination of the 4-flute design and large dust removal channels results in super-fast dust removal and the highest of drilling speeds. End users can also rely on the Xtreme bits for a consistent hole diameter thanks to the visible wear mark on the bit making it perfect for anchor setting

Bosch Bulldog™ Xtreme bits do more than simply drill holes in all kinds of concrete. If you are after a 4-cutter full tungsten carbide head that’s as precise as it is tough get your hands on the new Bulldog Xtreme bits.

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