New Bosch 18 Volt Cordless Rotary Hammer for Professionals

A cordless tool with corded performance

  • 50 percent higher impact energy than previous EC models
  • Compatible with an attachable dust extraction module
  • Ergonomic design and improved control due to vibration damping

Bosch Blue is set to expand its range of professional Cordless Rotary Hammers, with the introduction of the GBH 18V-26 F – boasting 50 percent higher impact energy than the current most powerful EC model.

Featuring an advanced vibration control system, Bosch Blue’s Cordless Rotary Hammer provides professionals with best-in-class performance and control. Thanks to the tool’s advanced Brushless EC motor and 2.6 joules of impact energy, the Rotary Hammer is ideal for a range of tough drilling and chiselling applications.

The Brushless EC motor is also completely maintenance free and together with the Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) – which protects the tools against overload and excess heat – helps to increase the lifetime of the tool. For added convenience, the tool also comes with a keyless chuck, for easy switching of drill bits and an optional extra, an attachable dust extractor to ensure a clean working space.

Excellent Ergonomics and Low Vibrations

The Triple Vibration Damping System on the GBH 18V-26 F ensures low vibration levels of 10 m/s² when drilling and 8 m/s² when chiselling – 50% less than previous models. These low vibration levels help reduce fatigue and provide tradies with longer tool runtime and faster work progress.

The shape of the hammer drill has also been specially designed to optimise work efficiency. The new ergonomic design includes a handle which is in line with the drill axis which creates an ‘L shape’ to reduce effort and fatigue when working with the tool.

Innovative Control and Precision

German Engineered, the new Rotary Hammer is also big on safety, offering a high level of user protection thanks to the Kick Back Control feature, which stops further rotation if the tool gets jammed – providing tradies with ultimate control and helping to prevent injury.

The tool also includes an integrated Electronic Precision Control (EPC) feature, which supports tradies when drilling into delicate materials such as tiles. If the EPC function is activated, the tool starts softly and slowly build up to 70% power. This allows for easier commencement of drilling and can easily be turned on or off when required. This allows for greater control and more precise results.

First Bosch hammer compatible with attachable dust extractor

Trade professionals can now work in a dust-free environment thanks to the 18V Rotary Hammers attachable dust extractor, the GDE 18V-16 Professional. The extractor can simply be attached to the rotary hammer when required and has its own motor which is powered by the rotary hammer battery.

To allow drilling to be carried out easily and cleanly using dust extraction, the GDE 18V-16 automatically starts at the same time as the rotary hammer resulting in improved work efficiency.

Available in June 2017 at leading trade dealers from RRP $449 get your hands-on Bosch Blue’s powerful cordless Rotary Hammer – GBH 18V-26 F Professional – to guarantee powerful and efficient performance on the jobsite.