Inlays for tool storage
Inlay for Wireless Charging 18 V drill driver Professional

Everything stored safely


Technical data

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Material EPP
Suitable for Cordless Tools
Fits Bosch 1 600 A00 1RR L-BOXX 136
Packaging dimensions (width x length x height) 280 x 430 x 170 mm
Outer dimensions
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Everything stored safely

  • Suitable for GSR/GSB 18-2-LI, GSR/GSB 18-2-LI Plus, GSR/GSB 18 V-LI, GSR/GSB 18 V-EC, GDR 18-LI, GDR 18 V-LI, GDX 18 V-EC, GDS 18 V-EC 250
  • Suitable for GBA 18V 2,0 Ah MW-B and GBA 18V 4,0 Ah MW-C batteries and GAL 1830 W charger
  • High-quality plastic and foam inlays including fixing screws for the L-BOXX 136

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Inlay for Wireless Charging 18 V drill driver

Order number: 1 600 A00 D6M

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