Wire cup brush

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Part number 2 608 622 051
Barcode 3165140082105
  • Wire cup brush – nylon wire with aluminium oxide coated abrasive K80
  • Suitable for paint stripping, removing rust, smoothing, matt sanding and cleaning wood, metal and PVC on smaller to medium surfaces, texturing wood.
  • Adapts perfectly to the contours of the workpiece, without severely altering the surface.
  • Works at constant material removal rate because abrasive grains are continuously released.
Diameter mm 75
Wire thickness mm 1.1
Max. speed rpm 4,500
Securing Straight shank
Material Nylon wire with coated abrasive SiC/grit 80
Straight shank diameter mm 6
Machine type for drills
Depth mm 76
Width mm 80
Height mm 125
Packaging type Paper / Cardboard / Corrugated board - Packaging, folded carton, with Euro hole
Pack quantity 1
Minimum order quantity 1
New for OCS/Print false
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