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  • Appropriate for Bosch GOP 10,8 V-LI; GOP 250 CE Professional; PMF 10,8 LI; PMF 180 E; Fein Multimaster FMM 250 (10 mm diameter)
  • Appropriate for various commercially available multi-cutters when used with universal adapter (not applicable to sanding sheets)
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Technical data

Set contents Product text, Accessories grey PQ, pcs Part number

BIM segment saw blade Wood and Metal ACZ 85 EB (1x)
BIM plunge-cutting saw blade Wood and Metal AIZ 28 EB (1x)
HCS scraper ATZ 52 SFC (1x)
Red Wood-top sanding sheet (10x)
White Paint sanding sheet (10x)

23-piece universal set
Basic applications combined in one set (sawing, sanding and scraping)
Suitable for wood and metal


2 608 661 694

HM-RIFF segment saw blade ACZ 85 RT (1x)
HM-RIFF sanding plate AVZ 78 RT (1x)
HCS scraper ATZ 52 SC (1x)
BIM plunge-cutting saw blade Metal AIZ 20 AB (1x)

4-piece tile set
Versatile tile set for renovation and reconstruction work (e.g. routing joints on wall and floor tiles, removing mortar or tile adhesive, routing smaller cutouts in soft wall tiles)


2 608 661 695

BIM segment saw blade Wood and Metal ACZ 85 EB (1x)
BIM plunge-cutting saw blade Hard Wood AIZ 32 BB (1x)
HCS plunge-cutting saw blade Wood AIZ 32 EC (1x)
HCS scraper ATZ 52 SFC (1x)

4-piece floor/installation set
Versatile set for floor/installation work (e.g. cutting a door frame to length on the floor, cutting out laminate/parquet, plunge cuts in laminated panels or wood, cutting recesses in furniture components)


2 608 661 696

Pack quantity (PQ): Content of the sales package of a part number in pieces.

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