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Details for GEX 125 AVE Professional 
Part number 0 601 37B 040
EAN code 3165140593755
GEX 125 AVE Professional comes complete with:
Item Included
Auxiliary handle 2 602 026 177
Dust box SP no. 2 605 411 233
Sanding pad (125 mm) 2 608 601 207
Sanding pad (150 mm) 2 608 601 115
Tool features
Why this tool?
  • Powerful motor with electronic for good removal rate under load
  • Greaseless friction brake for quick stops and full work efficiency
  • Direct access to vacuum cleaner hose without an adapter
Technical data
Specification overview
Sanding plate diameter 125 mm
No-load speed 5500 - 12000 rpm
Rated power input 400 W
Weight without cable 2.5 kg
Oscillating circuit diameter 4 mm
Electronic Electronic
Speed preselection for adjusting to suit any application.
Dust extraction Dust extraction
Directly into the integral dust bag on the machine and/or using an all-purpose dust extractor.
Comfortable working Comfortable working
thanks to low vibration by adding rubber mounting/foam padding to the handles
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