Multi-purpose drill bit CYL-9 Multi Construction

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Part number 2 608 596 059
Barcode 3165140044837
  • Pack of 1
Specification 6,5 x 60 x 100 mm, d 5,5 mm
Product text, AC grey Pack of 1
Diameter (D) mm 6.5
Working length (L1) mm 60
Total length (L2) mm 100
Shank diameter (d) mm 5.5
Drill bit, designation Multi Construction
Material, abbreviation TC
Drill bit, type Multi-purpose drill bit
Shank, shape Cylindrical
Drill bit, shape Steep spiral
Drill bit, colour light blue, polished
Drill bit, surface Cutting edges multiple diamond-ground
Drill bit tip, shape Multi-purpose tip
Drill bit tip, inclination degrees 0
Cutter, type Two-cutter
Cutting direction right
Depth mm 10
Width mm 50
Height mm 231
Packaging type Combined cardboard / plastic packaging, Tight Pack, with Euro hole
Pack quantity 1
Minimum order quantity 5
New for OCS/Print false
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